Filmy o szkole Summerhill

O szkole Summerhill powstało wiele reportaży i filmów dokumentalnych przedstawiających zarówno zasady funkcjonowania szkolnej społeczności, jak i podejście do edukacji.

Reportaż Euronews o szkole Summerhill.

Summerhill – film fabularny oparty na faktach

Niezwykle wzruszający czteroczęściowy film fabularny o szkole Summerhill oparty na prawdziwych wydarzeniach. Film został wyemitowany przez stację CBBC. Przedstawia losy dwóch nowych uczniów. Ich adaptacja w szkole dobrze obrazuje jak działa szkoła i jakie wartości proponuje. Przedstawione zostały także wydarzenia związane z wizytacją nieprzychylnych szkole inspektorów OFSTED (urząd nadzoru szkół ministerstwa edukacji).

Summerhill – część 1.
Summerhill – część 2.
Summerhill – część 3.
Summerhill – część 4.

Inne filmy o Summerhill

Les Enfants de Summerhill – doc., France, 1997, 60 min.
This video tells the story of the famous school, founded in England in 1921 by A.S. Neill, which achieved worldwide fame through the publication of his book Summerhill. In it, Neill outlined his radical educational theories, which rejected traditional notions of schooling that he felt were designed to meet the needs of society rather than children. At Summerhill, the children enjoyed absolute freedom to work or to play, classroom lessons were optional, and the emphasis was on education as living, on development of the emotions as much as on the intellect. The video blends archival photos and footage of the school in the Forties and Sixties with contemporary scenes, an interview with Neill, and excerpts from his books, Summerhill and Freedom, Not Licence. Former Summerhill pupils from several different generations recount their formative experiences at the school, voice praise and some criticism of its methods, and discuss their current careers. 
W Polsce film był emitowany przez PlanetPlus jako Dzieci z Summerhill.

Imagine the school… Summerhill – doc., USA/UK, 2008, 68 min.
In 1997, Tony Blair’s new Labor government took steps to improve standards in education. Ironically, this would threaten the existence of an unusual little school in Suffolk called Summerhill. Summerhill, the famous coed alternative boarding school founded by A.S. Neill, was threatened with closure because it refused to compromise its educational and social philosophy. This film, partly documented by the students themselves, follows the children aged eleven to sixteen as they grow up and make important decisions about life and their education at the same time that they become involved in the legal and political fight to save their school.